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At the expo

What's are these expos all about?
People ring us and ask “What can we expect to find at The Australian Psychic Expo …?” 
This is a good question. Naturally not all of our expos are the same, as it depends on what exhibitors are present and which psychic readers are available for that event. 
However, what you can expect to find are between 10 and 20 highly experienced professional psychics, who use a widely diverse range of psychic modalities. For example, some psychics specialise in using tarot cards, whilst others prefer overhead readings – or straight clairvoyancy as it is known. Psychometry is another modality some of our psychics use. This is where psychics are able to pick up vibrations – or energy – from clothing, jewellery etc. Other psychics specialise in using palmistry, or numerology, or astrology.
Also on offer at our expos is AuraStar Photography. AuraStar Photography is a biofeedback method of photography, which is particularly useful for finding out where your life is at present. Remember, the colours don’t lie! With each photograph you receive a personalised aura interpretation by one of our aura experts.
Also at our expos you’ll find stalls selling a huge array of products – crystals, crystal jewellery, books, new-age health products, plus there’s always experts on hand to offer free advice on how to improve your health and wellbeing – both physically and spiritually.
Most importantly at our expos you’ll find professional, caring and experienced psychics ready to assist you in finding your direction in life. Because of the high standards we set you can expect only the very best psychics to be in attendance.

Most of our psychics have had many years’ experience in helping others achieve their true potential. We believe that there is no substitute for experience, which is why our psychics are the very best available. If you feel you are sufficiently qualified to work in our expos as a Psychic Reader please click here and get in touch – either by phone or email. We would love to hear from you.