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Any chance you guys are coming back to to the NT? We haven't seen you up here for ages, I visited the expo a few times when I was visiting Qld but it would be great to see you back in the top end!

Rob, you'll be pleased to know that we are about to shoot a new commercial - though not with the assistance of Powerball. Mind you, I can't guarantee that the new commercial won't feature another "Chooky" comment. After all, Chooky is the man behind the camera during the shoot.

PLEASE bring the expo and Cassandra back to Gladstone QLD

I would never visit your expo on principle due to your ridiculous, annoying, downright terrible TV ads. I find it hilarious that of all the psychics you have, not one of them has foreseen the Powerball numbers so you can buy a new advertisement.

Please, for the love of all things right, get your friggin 'chooky' off my television.

Hi Cassandra

I saw you at the Cairns Psychic Expo last weekend. As you know, I attended my first session as a complete skeptic who was unsure if I believed in Psychic abilities at all. I refused to provide you with any information about myself or my life because I wanted to see if mediumship was legitimate.  (Perhaps a bit rude of me but I wanted proof!) What you told me about myself and my relatives in the afterlife blew me away, so much so that I came back to see you for a second time the following day.

I have been able to verify every single thing you told me about my loved ones in the spirit world. You told me that my great grandmother and nana on my mums side were protecting me. You told me my GG had a horrible life and a husband who wasn't kind to her. You told me they were very poor. You also told me that my GG and Nana had a connection with overseas and a war.

Both were born and lived in the Ukraine. My nana was taken from her family as a prisoner of war and was later moved to Australia as a displaced person.

I have confirmed that my Great Grandmothers husband used to assault her and  apparently they were very poor. You also told me that my Great Grandfather lost his leg to gangrene - I have also confirmed that this is true via family enquiries.

In relation to my Nana you said you sensed a strong military presence, and a  man who went to war and never returned. You said that man was my Nana's one and only true love and that every other relationship afterwards was only one of financial security. I confirmed through my Aunty (Nana's first born daughter) that her father was a soldier in the Holocaust and he went to war and never returned. Yes he was the only man Nana ever loved.

You told me Arch Angel Michael was with me. I was interested to find out that when my Grandfather was dying, he looked at the ceiling and yelled 'Michael' before he passed away. We have no relatives called Michael so maybe my Grandfather also had Arc Angel Michael by his side?

I have never believed in or been interested in Tarot Cards but all the cards you chose during my reading more than accurately described my current life and future goals and aspirations.

After speaking with you I feel truly at peace with my life and felt extremely happy and content. I thank you for your time and insight. You are a truly amazing woman! Thank you so much.

Name withheld to protect the privacy of the writer ... Ed

Recently I had a reading with Lisa at the psychic expo in Roma. I have had lots of readings over the years. I used to see Yvonne when she worked at your expos. I am psychic as well and I thought long and hard before choosing Lisa to read for me. She REALLY ticked all the boxes. She was so accurate she sent shivers up my spine! She was very gentle and yet at the same time she didn't hold back when it came to telling me what she saw for my future! I highly recommend Lisa. I hope she stays at your expo because I have been looking for someone like that since Yvonne left a few years ago. Please say "Thank You" to her for me. She is AMAZING!

I know your expo is mainly for the psychics but I feel that I have to tell you about the young lady who sells the books and crystals. I've been coming to your expo for about fifteen years and have always bought things from the stalls. But today when I was admiring a crystal I was approached by the young lady on the stall (I didn't catch her name although someone called her what sounded like Sigh when I was there). Her knowledge was INCREDIBLE, and her manner was absolutely delightful. She was warm and friendly, and nothing was too much trouble even though I think I asked some really stupid questions LOL. I had a great reading while I was there with Lorray, she was amazing too! All in all a terrific day and I thank you very much. I'll be back.

I just want to say I have the most AMAZING reading at your expo today (Mothers day). I saw Marina who I've never seen before. She is INCREDIBLE! She told me things about my family that were just unreal. She really put my mind at ease about a number of worrying things and now I feel 100 per cent better. Thank you for bringing the expo to Rocky, and a HUGE thank you for bringing Marina.

Hello Connie. I would like to thank you for having some incredible psychics at your expo in Townsville. I had a reading with Lorae and she was nothing short of incredible! She knew things about me that NO-ONE could have known!!! She gave me direction which I was lacking and told me not to worry about my daughter (shes pregnant) as everything will be ok. Already some of the things shed told me have happened. I LOVE her - she's just incredible! Thank you again for bringing your expo to our city. Love Maria xxx

Hi Shannar, I had a reading done with you on Monday at the psychic expo after losing my brother in a motorbike accident 3 weeks ago. I just wanted to thank you, to tell me that I had my brother back has helped me to deal with his loss a little better. When you gave me a hug after the reading I felt like I was hugging my brother. I hope to see you at the expo again next year. Kind Regards, Kim