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Cassandra Eason

Cassandra Eason in Darwin November 2017

Cassandra Eason, one of the United Kingdom’s most respected psychics, is a bestselling author of 110 books, and a broadcaster on the paranormal. Her books have been translated into 13 different languages. She has appeared many times on television and radio, such as Sky News, ITV’s Strange But True?, BBC 1’s Heaven and Earth and Richard & Judy, on NBC and Paramount. She had her own weekly mini series Sixth Sense on UK cable television for many years. More recently she worked as the dream analyst for Britain's Big Brother for three series.

Cassandra originally trained as a teacher and, while bringing up her five children, took a psychology honour’s degree with the intention of training as an educational psychologist. In addition, she worked as a contributor to Guardian Woman and the Sunday Telegraph on motherhood A seemingly inexplicable psychic experience involving her 2-year-old son Jack led to extensive research and the publication of a book on psychic children published by Random House in 1990. Over the 20 years since her experience with Jack, Cassandra has had more than 90 books published in the UK, the US and all over the world, translated into 13 different languages, including Russian, Japanese, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Spanish and Chinese. For some years she was working in Sweden where, writing directly for the Swedish market and holding regular lecture tours, healing workshops and training courses for mediums. Cassandra also runs workshops in Australia and the UK and will be touring Australia for part of each year. Since 1994 when Cassandra appeared on NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries, Paramount Sightings and The Other Side television programmes in America, her work has featured in The American National Enquirer and during 2007 several times in the US Woman’s World. Cassandra has written directly for the US market for Crossing Press and in 2006/7 with New Page and Greenwood Press as well as having sold US rights to other publishers, including Red Wheel/Weiser, Sterling, Kensington Press and Ulysses.

Her books have been serialised around the world and she has been interviewed as an expert by journals such as the UK Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, People and The Sun, in the News of the World magazine, in Spirit and Destiny, Fate and Fortune, Prediction, Best and Bella, Homes and Gardens and Good Housekeeping and in Woman’s Day and New Idea in Australia. She had her own psychic column in the national women’s magazine Best and in Writers News for two years and for 18 months produced a monthly psychic master class for Beyond magazine. Cassandra has long been acknowledged as a world expert on parent/child intuitive links and has appeared many times on television and radio, including Sky News, ITV’s Strange but True, BBC 1’s Heaven and Earth, on Richard and Judy, on NBC, Sky 1 with Russell Grant, on GMTV several times with Lorraine Kelly and most recently in a series of mini films with Myleene Klass, on Sky Living’s Jane Goldman Investigates and on Channel 4 in Sweden. Her radio appearances have varied from Steve Wright on Radio 2 to late night Kerrang. In the UK she had her own weekly mini series Sixth Sense on United Artists Cable Network for a number of years, moving on to Granada Breeze where she was the resident white witch for over two years on Psychic Live time. She acted as psychic consultant/resident expert on the successful ITV Magic and Mystery series. She has analysed dreams on the Channel 4 Big Brother series 3 and 4 and Celebrity Big Brother and successfully made tea leaf predictions on the final series of Big Brother in July and August 2010. Currently she is working on a New Age CD production of psychic workshops.