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How The Expo Works


There is no need to book your psychic in advance. Our system works like this: As you enter the Expo you will see a large freestanding display board, on which appears photographs and written information about each psychic. For example, the type of reading each one does - tarot, palmistry, past lives etc. You then select your psychic and book her/him with Konnie who is sitting at the booking desk. If you are experiencing difficulty selecting your psychic then you are invited to ask for Konnie's advice. Konnie will help you select the psychic who can best cater to your individual needs. Sometimes you may have a short wait, other times you will get to see your psychic straight away.


How accurate are our readers? Our readers are professional. This is what they do for a living. Most of them have well over 20 years' experience behind them. We believe them to be the best Australia has on offer as our selection process is extremely stringent.