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Karen - reading in Mackay and Townsville

Karen is a natural born psychic and medium with 27 years' experience as a professional psychic, medium, numerologist, spiritual life coach and healer. For her readings she uses a combination of numerology, cards, palmistry, psychic and clairvoyant tools to answer any questions that her clients have. Spirit may intervene during the reading with messages  for their friends or family. She assists her clients in understanding why circumstances have occurred for them and looks at options of how to resolve their health, wealth or relationship life challenges. As a natural medium Karen can make contact with your family, friends or pets that have passed over. You can ask to contact specific people or animals in order to get messages from them, have reassurance of their transition or to assist with the grief and loss that has occurred as a result of their passing, or to have closure. Karen communicates their messages with love and compassion.