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Christine - Reading in Toowoomba

Christine connects directly with the Angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have passed, to give an accurate reading, passing on messages relating to romance, career, money and family. No matter what your question, a reading with Christine offers a sense of peace, and a perspective for your future. Christine specialises in Angel Card readings. She is an Angel Intuitive trained and accredited by Doreen Virtue. She has been reading full time for many years as a result of a near-death experience which acted as a wake up call to finally do what the Angels had been asking her to do.

Cheryl - Reading in Toowoomba

With over 20 years’ experience as a Reiki Master, Beaudesert resident Cheryl Vicars is able to “tune in” to her clients’ physical and emotional conditions. This enables her to connectwith you at a very deep level. Cheryl does not use cards. She prefers to hold your hand and become one with you during your reading. In addition, Cheryl is a Channel Medium, and will often channel messages to you direct from your Guides or, when messages come through, from your loved ones who have passed on.

Margaret - Reading in Toowoomba

Warwick resident Margaret Briggs, a Medium/Clairvoyant with over 40 years' experience, is a highly compassionate and caring psychic who, in addition to her mediumship and clairvoyant readings, does crystal readings, is a pranic healer and does spiritual surgery. Margaret also uses flowers, and it is through the gentle touch and fragrance of the flower energy that she receives spiritual messages that connect directly to the individual receiving the reading. Her readings offer a unique experience, and one to remember always.


Sanndra - Reading in Toowoomba

A professional psychic reader for nearly forty years, Sanndra Norris’s readings will have you amazed and delighted with her insight and uncanny psychic abilities. Do you want to contact a loved one who has passed over? Sanndra is able to receive messages from loved ones — a most satisfying and healing experience. Her readings will show you how to approach your future with the utmost confidence. She has made numerous appearances on radio and television, both in Australia and overseas. Sanndra is a unique and most versatile psychic.

Anastasia - Reading in Toowoomba

Anastasia is originally from Russia, and has been in Australia since she was a child. She has worked with The Australian Psychic Expo for over six years. Anastasia is an international clairvoyant with over 60 years’ experience, who is often called upon to help young people find direction and a purposeful future. She is a highly compassionate and extremely wise psychic with an intense desire to help those in need. Anastasia is also a spirit channeller, delivering messages from Beyond, as well as an experienced palmist, numerologist, Clairvoyant, Channel Medium and Card Reader

Chantelle - Reading in Toowoomba

Born into a psychic family, Chantelle discovered her talents at a very early age. In fact, Chantelle’s mother Sanndra is one of Australia’s top psychics, who has been with The Australian Psychic Expo for over 12 years.  Chantelle has worked extensively as a palmist and tarot reader for many years. Her future readings will leave you with a clear vision and a direction towards your future. This young woman is without doubt a chip off the old block, and the Expo management is thrilled to have her with us. We know you will love your reading with this highly intuitive psychic.

Eliane - Reading in Bundaberg

Eliane Barben is a leading intuitive and  psychic who is fully trained as a Natural Animal Therapist. She has been a psychic, reading people and animals,  ever since she can remember. Her gift of sensitivity and empathetic nature led her on the path she is now on.

Ingrid - Reading in Bundaberg and Toowoomba

Ingrid, from the New South Wales Northern Rivers area, is clairvoyant, reads auras and openly lives with spiritual strengths. She reads from the energy a person has and provides a positive framework to understand their individual and unique strengths. Ingrid is also able to read energy from people who have passed on, and then communicate messages from the world Beyond. Recently, in 2014, she completed A Course in Miracles which further deepened her release of deep-seated pain, strengthened her spiritual life and increased her understanding of how to live a life steeped in confidence.

Tina - Reading in Toowoomba

Tina Ashley, born and bred on Queensland’s Gold Coast, is a psychic with over 20 years’ experience in helping others to fulfil their potential, both materially and spiritually. Using her extensive psychic abilities, coupled with an abundance of empathy, Tina will amaze you with her accuracy as she shows you the way to a joyous future by understanding the reasons for the hurdles you’ve encountered along the way.

Wanda - Reading in Toowoomba

Now in her 23rd year working with the Australian Psychic Expo, Wanda Shipton is without peer when it comes to the art of Spirit Guide artistry. A typical session with Wanda will see her channelling information from your spirit guide/s whilst at the same time drawing a beautiful colour representation of the guide for you to take home.